Payroll Management: Save Time – Save Money

It doesn’t matter if you have a handful of employees or hundreds of them, payroll management is time-consuming and complex. Both your employees and the government expect pinpoint accuracy.

Calculating withholdings for federal, state and local taxes is tedious. With Waddy’s expertise in IT, we’ve streamlined the process, so you get fast, accurate results. Your employees will be happy; the government will be satisfied; and you’ll end up with more time to allot to activities that really add value to your organization.

Turn to Waddy for payroll management and get:

  • Direct deposit.
  • Employee payroll.
  • Payroll tax calculation and management.
  • Payroll withholding.
  • Worker’s compensation.
  • IRS Form 941 filing.
  • W-2 creation and distribution.

Contact us today to learn how Waddy can take charge of your payroll management, so you can take charge of building your business and bottom line.

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