A variety of clients from many diverse industries outsource their bookkeeping to Waddy including restaurants, independent contractors, electricians, delivery services, and “mom and pop” retail stores and service providers. One of the huge benefits of outsourced bookkeeping (besides the time it saves business owners) is that tax time is much easier when all transactions have already been classified by your bookkeeper.

Simply contact us today, and we’ll discuss the type of business you have and determine if we will be a good fit for your organization.

Most of our bookkeeping clients setup a unique login from their online bank account, and we are able to download the transactions directly from the bank. Other clients deliver their bank statements to us, and we handle the process from there.

Absolutely! We can determine the best way to outsource a piece of your business to us after our initial interview. For example, you may want us to only handle quarterly payroll filing which we can do as well.

No special software is needed to work with us. We use Intuit’s QuickBooks for classifying your income and expenses, but all reports are generated in a PDF format. All you need is a PDF reader such as the free Adobe Reader for viewing the file.

All bookkeeping reports are securely emailed to you on a monthly or quarterly basis to meet your needs. If you happen to own the QuickBooks software, we can also export and send you the company file for your review.

All of your data is secured in our private, firewalled servers. Access to your data is only available to specific Waddy employees who have been prescreened and security tested.

Payments can be drafted each month directly from your bank account, credit or debit card. Depending on your preference, you may also pay by check.

We work with businesses of all sizes from one-person contractors to larger corporations with multiple employees.

Many bookkeeping service providers do not know how to handle complex transactions such as business loans and customer refunds. We have the expertise to handle every situation from the most basic to the most complex. Additionally, we offer the convenience of working with a bookkeeping service provider that meets your current business size and we are able to grow with you as you expand.

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