Why Use Waddy?

Waddy Accounting Services has been providing tax preparation and consulting, bookkeeping, financial preparation and payroll management services to Baltimore and the surrounding areas since 1970. Our attention to personalized service continues to set us apart.

Our goal has always been to help our clients achieve financial balance. We understand the connection between financial health and positive outcomes for both individuals and businesses, and we work to help you achieve them.

Because of our long tenure in the industry, we have extensive knowledge of tax laws and accounting best practices. Additionally, we have a unique advantage that combines accounting and information technology.

“I studied computer science and launched my career in I.T.,” explains Eric Waddy, “but I realized how closely I.T. and accounting were linked, and I saw the huge advantage I could bring to clients in the business my father started in 1970 by combining the two.”

Eric Waddy became an enrolled tax agent and took the helm of Waddy Accounting Services from his father, James Waddy. In this position, Eric is able to provide full representation in front of the IRS for individuals, corporations, trusts, estates and partnerships. Not every firm is able to provide this important benefit. “As an enrolled agent, I can represent you and speak on your behalf during the audit and appeals process,” Eric Waddy explains. “It makes the whole process less stressful for our clients when it’s needed.”

Reaching Your Financial Goals

  • Personal service – Income taxes are one of the most personal experiences you face every year. You’ll feel comfortable discussing your situation with us, and we take pride in knowing our clients, their goals and history in order to help them build a better financial future.
  • Deductions – Not all tax deductions are obvious. We’ve created a unique questionnaire that helps us uncover every deduction to which you’re entitled. Coupled with our personal service, it’s a better alternative to any software application.
  • Consistency – Working with the same firm each year allows us to more fully understand the financial situations of both our individual and business clients, so we can offer appropriate trending information and sound advice.
  • Expertise – Our job is to know the tax code and compliance regulations, and we do. That allows you the time and energy you need to run your business or manage your day-to-day activities.
  • Convenience – We work for you, so we meet your schedule and preferences. Whether you want to work with us and submit documents in person, via email, mail or fax, the choice is yours.
  • Cutting edge – Our technology expertise sets us apart from others. We understand how to use technology to improve both tax return and accounting processes.

Knowledge | Trust | Personal Service | Expert Advice… Waddy Delivers